The Art Programme at Central Saint Martins will be showcasing the work of over 330 artists who have embraced the opportunity to show together publicly once again. This should not be understood as a return to what was done in the past; this is not a degree show. It is not a grandiose culmination or a grand finale, this is not the moment of climax, there will be no money shot. Exhibition as Process understands the exhibition not as an end point but rather as a shifting set of encounters in which the show is always in flux.

The exhibition is structured through a series of smaller curatorial projects with groups of students collecting around common interests or approaches. In addition to the physical shows the students have also planned a series of workshops, talks and panel discussions which are open to members of the audience.

Exhibition as Process celebrates the diversity of practice represented in the work of our students; the challenge of their enquiry; the refusal to accept things simply because they have always been so. Our students are not interested in changing themselves to fit the requirements of an outmoded art-world. Instead, they wish to re-invent the artworld to match the needs and ambitions of their own practices.