Space on Display

Ameilia Kirby, Helerna Kingdon-Butcher, Olivia Janmaat, Justime Ganmond, Ella Burke, Summer Auty, Minna Ellis, Neeti Kumar, Nadia West

This exhibition and accompanying publication explores takes as its starting point a contemporary approach to ideas of the landscape. The works on show explore themes such as the built environment, natural landscapes and public access. The exhibition will approach issues such as the right of way, the constant transformation of our landscape and the effects of land ownership and privatisation. The show presents as a collective story made up of the individual interests of the artists represented. Space on Display was developed through a series of group discussions and celebrates our individual practices.

As part of the show we have also made a publication/zine which sets our artistic manifesto alongside a feature on each artist involved. With regards to the manifesto, it will contain the group’s collective thoughts on our landscapes, accessibility to public space with regards to class, architecture, surroundings, environments, the relationship between landscape and climate change etc.

The title space on display came from a discussion we had had early on in the process; each environment, landscape or public space the individual is focused on is conceptually framed within the white cube/gallery space. We will explore the nature around specific environments being repositioned in the gallery mode affects the landscape itself, the internal/external, the relationship between the site vs non-site to an extent. The gallery space vs the subject space?

This exhibition considers ecological, social and political perspectives on the natural and urban landscape, With a focus on materiality, both natural and man-made it considers the intersection of the two the space where the natural meets the urban/ man-made. The work presented transforms the studio in an installation that asks us to consider our own place in the landscape and the future of our environment.

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