Is This a Joke?

Tu Pham, Thom Walker, Zach Thompson, Caleb Pinnell, Millie Rawlings Robins, Jan Kaminski, Isabel Jolliffe, Charley Dean Sayers, Lily Tonkin Wells, Thomas Holland, Andrea Saiz Marcos

But what is a joke?
Is a joke ‘a changing law’
We both have jokes
Are mine the same as yours
Heckle them! Heckle them!

We want to showcase humour in all its forms and embrace playfulness as core to our practice.  By showcasing the raucous guffaw alongside the subtle smirk, we hope to draw connections between the works and consider the place of humour within contemporary art. We are upfront and unashamed of the comedic within our work, in fact we take it terribly seriously.

Humour is also evident to be beneficial to our well-being. For example, in times of conflict or crisis, anxiety can be turned into comedy like Charlie Chaplin and the Great Depression. Jokes, in such situations, are not to undermine pains, but to provide empathetic understandings of difficult times and to give emotional catharsis to the viewers.

We want to challenge the conventions of exhibition curation in favour of a more fluid install with no distinction made between static works, live events or discussions. The context for our work does not bolstering with the weight of art history or academia. We shake off this unnecessary burden and instead delight you with a joke.
The basis of the project revolves around humour’s ephemerality and refusal to be contained or deconstructed, as well as acknowledging its centrality to much of how we understand the arts today. It is not about creating a night of solid laughter, nor is it about some grand attempt at institutional revolt or ‘anti-art’. Instead, it is a recognition of humour as an intrinsically creative force, and to acknowledge and accept its presence in works of all nature. It is to bring together a range of artists, works and ideas, joined together by an attitude of humorousness, playfulness and freedom to create a space where laughter is permitted, freedom mandated, and fleeting moments of brilliance allowed to remain fleeting.

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