Raidr Publication

Annie Watkins, Kashish Saini, Laurie Martin, Thom Walker, Thomas Holland, Caitlin Dawkes, Virginia Serafini

Our project takes the form of a physical exhibition accompanied by a small publication available at the show. For Motherland we have all created altered impressions of “home”, a home that is adapted, appropriated, made and remade, a version of home that recognises us as the sole subject. 

In addition to our individual works, we plan to hold daily events in the space including collaborative performances, panel talks and workshops. 

We are all Asian artists living in the UK and this gives us a series of common experiences. The following definitions were key to our discussions as we developed this project.

Displacement: Searching for a connection with the culture overshadowed by eurocentrism. Denouncing the legacies of colonialism, which hide in plain sight.
Claiming authority of a space where we are the main subject.

Asia, Other Asias: Advocating for a transnationalism that transcends boundaries of east and west. Problematising the word ASIA as a term that simultaneously unifies and divides, shedding light on the power dynamics between East Asia over Other Asias.

Feminism: Merging progressive feminist teachings to craft an inclusive feminist framework that brings voice to all feminist subjectivities. Recognising that feminism occupies different forms.

Intergenerational Relations: Confronting the dynamic and existing relationships between intergenerational connections

Community: Acknowledging and acting upon the need to go beyond representation; representation as a starting point – how do we use our privilege of occupying a space to elevate the voices we represent in our works.

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