Evolving Affections

Tzu Chin, Elaoise Benson, Jasmine Condon, Annie Watkins, Lily Crampton, Pippa Collins, Matilde Wall, Katie Waude, Paloma Grimm, Queer Symposium, Ramona Valanciute, Emese Lane, Katie Saunders, Eliana Jiwa, Thorn Nulty, Ramona Valanciute, Sherifa El Ayouty, Jennifer Jones

“The space of our lack is also the space of possibility.” – bell hooks.
Evolving Affections explores the intersections of spirituality, intimacy, ecology and language within feminist contemporary art practices. Building on the writings of bell hooks, this exhibition is a holistic, communal action. It offers a moment for critical self-reflection with a willingness to question our own fears about how we ‘should’ act or perceive one another. The show was developed discursively and collaboratively and continues to evolve.

We would like to invite further participants to join, and particularly welcome female and/or non-binary artists, or anyone whose practice aligns with our curatorial goals; as well as those who may be interested in other modes of intersectional feminism.

Queer Symposium is a part of Evolving affections
This project will explore a very broad definition of queerness. It includes work that explores sexual and gender identities and nonconventional sexual practices. For example, asexuality, polyamory, BDSM, gender fluidity etc. This is a chance to present artwork that addresses issues relating to queer life, culture, politics, and thought. This will be in the form of a panel discussion and publication. We have invited three artists to talk on a panel open to the public. The aim of the talk and exhibition is to create an inviting space for the audience to identify with the participants and the speakers and feel encouraged to contribute. `

In order to extend the reach of this project, a publication has also been produced. The publication will take the form of a zine with images of participants’ artwork, poetry, short stories, and an introduction to the exhibition. This project is intended for a mature audience (18+).

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