Metaphysical Translations

Kate Hooper, Madeline Hook, Ella O'Loughlin
  • Want to create a liminal space in which to place the artworks, with the area functioning as an experience in itself
  • Potential to influence the space using projections and video, with work shown both physically and digitally.
  • The liminality of human experience shown eg through the digital, domestic and types of human form, dreamscapes and the uncanny

We do not currently have a concrete plan for the exact design of the exhibition, we are aware that funding will largely go to renting equipment and creating the liminal space in which to present, this will include: projectors, monitors, media players and likely paint / props. We have currently been exploring ways of translating the realms of digital, domestic / liminal, and mental spaces, ways that create a dreamlike space in which to reflect, forming something uncanny but potent.

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