In Between

Jinjing Zhao, Jinghao Zhang, Bin Wu, Haodong Zhang, Mengyao Li, Shuxuan Lin, Jiaqi Mao

In the process of subject construction, the moment we recognize ourselves as distinct from the Other is the mirror stage. Desire stimulates the maturity of consciousness at the intersection of language with the unconsciousness. In symbolic reality, the subject dialectically reinforces his consciousness in the process of transforming and developing. While self-denying and deconstructing realize the identity of the subject, the absolute spirit gradually approaches the truth in self-being and self-making of rationality. This exhibition intends to present the drives released by the subject in hesitation when being suspended in the realm of the Other. Drive originates from the body as representation, seeking to eliminate the origin of its stimulation to achieve self-satisfaction. The artworks in the exhibition aim to express their ideas through dreams, history, culture, social contradictions which overlap with the Other.

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