Before the Start

Rhianna Selley, Isabel Jolliffe, Kashish Saini, Charles O'Brien, Meera Madhu, Jade Mellor, Virginia Serafini, Thai Mahendrakumar, Mingyi Xu, Wanci Xie, Victoria Jacob

Presence and Absence are contradictory yet interconnected concepts. One cannot be understood without the other. In the yearning for that which is absent we experience something most intensely when it is no longer there. We are interested in how you might evoke a feeling by presenting something that appears to contradict or oppose it.

Absence can be defined as the state of being away from a place or person; an occasion or period of being away from a place or a person; the non-existence or lack of. Absence of mind or absent mindedness.
Presence can be defined as the state or fact of existing, occurring or being present; the fact that someone or something is in a place; a feeling that someone is still in a place although they are not there. As with absence, there is also presence of mind.

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