Injecting Fictions

Karl Murphy, Lily T Wells, Lydia Poole, Dan Welch, Nikita Snegirjovs, Dorad Perini, Fran Hayes, Ella Nelson, Lilly Stevens, Tirion Manley, Meg Ganonsky, Connor Faulder, Arabee Beveridge, Eldi Memaj, Caleb Pinnell, Niamh Dale, Constance Lettere, Emie Lambert, Bo Sun, Lily Stephens

Injecting Fictions a series of practices that explore contemporary mythologie and challenge the binary between fact and fiction and the re-organisation of linear logics. It challenges the viewer to consider forms of knowledge construction beyond the conventions of academia or the scientific model. We wish to engage with the contemporary world through the lens of narrative, poetics, character and the imagination.

What might we discover by injecting myth and fiction into the hard veins of the solid truth. Truth when pursued single-mindedly seems to unravel and fall apart, the burden of proof too harsh and brutal. Might we not unshackle ourselves from the tyranny of truth and instead find answers in the message form a fortune cookie or the mutterings of an online tarot reading.

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