Bratchford, Zach Thompson, Esther Ackland

This project aims to explore the deconstruction of meaning, but not merely through creation of the ‘meaningless’ but rather by bringing into question our need for meaning. It calls into question the habitual mechanisms through which we produce meaning in our experience (and also experience a lack of meaning). A lack of meaning is often the point at which we stop paying attention. The work in this project will seek to activate new modes of attention which don’t seek for meaning as validation for their existence but seek to function outside the binary of the meaningful /meaningless… or at least seek to question this traditional framework. Different modes of attention open up new realms of experience. In this way the project aims to explore new realms of experience. The work in this project isn’t tied down by the need to convey meaning, instead artworks are valued by how they function.

Using humour, juxtaposition and satire, we wish to interrogate the traditional rigidity of gallery spaces. The gallery as a place of live investigation, a somewhat dangerous and exciting place as well as the more common leisurely passive viewing. We want to unlock the nonsensical by situating discordant mediums and/or modes of working against one another in order to disrupt normative significations.

We will collide the philosophical with the unsophisticated; the serious with the farcical; earnestness alongside irony; and the contemporary with the archaic. This approach will involve experiments with automatism, chance, and stream of consciousness, in order to challenge notions of composition and construction. However, despite the challenging of these notions, the project will not refuse more constructed or arranged methods of working. Rather, it will position them within different contexts in order to challenge their signification. 

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