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Pete Phipps, Sonny Lawson, George Manby, Alex Howitt

This group will be smaller and close knit. Politically engaged works that are made in accordance to mutual interests and themes. For example each member could have a theory of their own which they have worked around already: Work discussing Geo-politics, Race, History, Left/Right conflicts, Incels, Porn, The Web, Conspiracy, Qanon, Neptosim, Class, War, The Miners Strike, Chernobyl, Thatcher, 9/11, What ever gets you talking intellectually and passionately in an informed manner.

Those chosen should all provide theories and beliefs that can bounce off of one another and provide useful observation into our contemporary climate.
The overlapping theme is that in the investigation of such heated topics through written, conceptual or visual terms, we offer some kind of original insight. 

This group is for those who feel a real lack of criticality and debate at Art School.

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