The Artists Lab

Shivani Mathur, Kelly Briggs, Lucy Dukes, Laura Benetton Abdulcadir, Debra Pollarini, Joana Viveiros, Elena Vittoria Bevilacqua

The artists in this group work through an experimental methodology. Each one of us – in one way or another – collaborates with materials/ substances that one would not typically find in an art studio but instead perhaps a kitchen, within nature or in a science lab. Honey, eggs, salt, soil, seeds bioluminescence and AI are just some of the agents’ visitors will encounter in the work.

Each artist in the Artists Lab has developed our own practice individually, however we imagine this show as a way to come together and respond to each other’s practice, drawing across disciplines to create a single body of work- where the artwork of each individual artists interacts with, is inspired by and inspires others.
Interactivity plays a key part of our collective approach. As ‘The Artists Lab’ we welcome visitors to come and join us within a small lab set up.

The aim of the project is to establish a new bridge of communication between contemporary art and Science within the community. 

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