Curious Sensorium

Dovile Antusaite, Dian (Joy) Nathan Marsh, Jiayi Wang, Pati Starykowski, Roaeanna Clarke, Lucy Dukes, Joana Viveiros, Maite Pastor Blanco, Xin Sun, Sophia Cacova, Josie Rea Turnbull, Cherie Sullivan, Steve Wheeler

‘Everything is intimate with everything else. The ecological thought is vast, but strange strangers are right next to us. They are us. Inner space is right here, “nearer than breathing, closer than hands and feet.96 Rather than a vision of inclusion, we need a vision of intimacy. We need thresholds, not spheres or concentric cycles, for imagining where the strange stranger hangs out.’ (Morton, 2012).

‘Curious sensorium’ is an exhibition connecting and built from various approaches in which multiple senses are engaged in the process of experiencing art works. Ecological thought is where the works meet and communicate with each other inviting you to go inside your ego and feel what is hidden in the depths of unconscious mind.

Each project relies on each other through achieving a sensual poetic in-depth exploration of the human and non-human experience. As a collective we celebrate the impact of our senses to the human experience, exploring a variety of topics, from queer ecology, speculative landscape, and futures, human and more-than-human, natural history, the cybernetic triangle between animal, human and mechanical, biodiversity, psychology, the unconscious mind, and sexuality. 

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