The Geometry of Space

Lauren Goldie, Eleni Maragkaki, Chen Yang, Min Zhang, Shili Chen, Bo Wang, Zhongge Sui, Indra Moroder Valecha, Eduardo Rebelo, Merve Safa Erguner

The Geometry of Space considers metaphorical and physical space, with a scientific or mathematical agenda. Works reference the environment with different approaches, be it urban and social or cosmological.  All the works on display emphasise detail and form. 

Artists involved:
Lauren | My research interests are Astrophysical, exploring storytelling and the imaginary to confront real environmental issues. Developing work for the end of year show revolves around issues of orbital debris. A sculptural installation and small collection of 2D artworks will explore forms inspired by rocket parts that have fallen to earth. The materials used will represent minerals that provide financial incentive for spatial expansion.

Eleni | The observation of the urban setting lies in the core of my work, as for me, the city is a landscape where the balance between aesthetics and function is most evident. My interest platonic theories, examining the duality of the natural and the artificial, is integral to my practice. I often question how the human, introducing the element of chance and unpredictability, can coexist or contradict with the strict structure of the urban centre.

Min | I explore digital through the content of Chinese witch medicine. I will develop an artistic practice based on medical practices. My medical act is divided into 5 steps, 1. the manifestation of the disease, 2. the search for the cause of the disease (guided by the dialectic theory of Chinese medicine) 3. the request to the gods 4. the symbiotic revelation 5. how to achieve balance, the question is thrown to mankind to practice. These 5 sections will be my end year work.

Chen | People’s desires are always false, you think it is your own needs, but in fact it has always been the desires of others. Human desire is an unconscious “pseudo I want”. Relying on my childhood memories in my work, I am always asking about my desires, whether they are based on what my mother and others expect of me or are I committed to my own desires. And whether my worldview is constructed through the desires of others.

Shili | Human activities cause global warming; however, global warming is never a threat to nature, but to human beings. When sea levels rise, nature will still be there, but we will be erased.

Indra | My artistic research has been mainly in painting and sculpture. I am interested in how imaginative landscapes can be shaped in different ways. Introspective spaces become architectures of the mind, mind maps to bring us beyond the concept of being. The layering process of putting colours and forms, collective and personal narratives against each other is a way to reinvent a lost landscape.

Zhongge | All of my art practice is primarily concerned with the 3D object, moving image, and social engagement, which focuses on the contradictions of the individual and society and narrative art. I am very enthusiastic to explore if there is an interrelationship and conflicts between individual experience, collective consciousness, and contemporary social circumstance/mechanisms.

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