Everything And Nothing All At Once

Kamalishe Hiraldo, Gabriel Cautain, Micaela McLucas, Dami Vaughan, Matei Parascan, Laisul Hoque, Pernille Nadine, Kamalishe Hiraldo, Jiayi Lu, Junhao Wu

The politics of the contemporary image. On finding desire in the world of images

Now everything gets recontextualised, reposted, and recaptioned every ten seconds. Change of context doesn’t mean anything anymore. I have 70,000 pictures on my iPhone. 

What is it like to live in this environment? Chaos. Everything entangled, one thing affects the other. Butterfly effect. What if I told you it doesn’t matter? What if you did something completely different? How would it change the things around you? how drastically? 

According to Flusser, communication always depends on the media and upon each medium’s own logic and ways of transmitting information. By changing the structure of the media, information also changes, and at the same time, the reality we experience. 

What is photography? What is an image? Everything is an image. Nothing means anything. Everything means something. 

This exhibitions is nothing and everything all at once. 

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