Unfolding Stories

Steve Wheeler, Emma Williams, Maite Pastor Blanco, Belle Kushner, Chaoyu Tang, Cherie Sullivan, Dovile Antusaite, Holly Moore, Shuqi Yang, Youkuk Choi, Kiah Nicole Fisher, Himani Moonasinghe, Anita Chanda, Wendelle Allado, Naer Lu, Clemence Vazard, Evangelia Danadaki, Brando Prizzon,Joana Viveiros, Shradha Devkota, Ziyan Liu, Ruth Hallgarten, Ran Yan, Xuechun Huang, `ON `KIU`LUI, Laure Hocine, Belle Kushner, Chaoyu Tang c, Holly Moore, Shuqi Yang, Youkuk Choi, Kiah Nicole Fisher, Himani Moonasinghe, Anita Chanda, PrevotChristopher, Zhucheng(Zich) Jin, Zhongling Tu

The thread that connects this eclectic mix of artwork is a distinctive unfolding story line of the artists’ narratives. The story line appears in varied forms, be it a colourful physical thread or a barely discernible trace. Whether suspended in three-dimensional space, or grounded in its surrounding, they demand closer inspection and introspection. The narrative of these pieces is only experienced when you allow the beauty of the objects and their journey to speak to you. When hearing their many voices, loud or whispered, you will want to stop to listen deeply and look closely. You will be curious to find out how the artists co-created their stories with a diverse group of people to tell the stories of identity, migration, and rebirth. You will be intrigued by the materiality of the objects which explore and reveal multiple layers of meanings. Some of the artists in this group have upcycled waste and given discarded objects a new life. The interwoven strands of narrative are influenced by internal and external forces, with strengths and fragility that are individual and collective, inclusive and hostile, mutable and indestructible.

The vitality of the work is in its coming together, in the artists minutely observing the process of unfolding stories through experimentation, which can be seen as several acts and scenes of a play, staged with a changing cast of actors.

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